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ha ha! [chuckles] announcer: they say that when you're facing extreme danger, your life flashes before you. [giggles] [chuckles] [bells peal] [baby cries] ha ha ha ha! [giggles] if you think that's sad, consider facing it
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before you even have enough life to flash before your eyes. car crashes are the number-one killer of children 1 through 13. deaths and injuries can be prevented by using the right car seat. visit to know what is appropriate for each age and size.
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the cookie business is a serious business. it's the biggest girl-run business in the world. that is so cool. there are goals to set, decisions to make -- and money to manage. it's a big responsibility and people are trusting us. we've got to watch every dollar. track every order. we've been doing this since we were girl scout brownies. we've built on what works. check out our system. we're learning to analyze our customer base. thue is friends and family.
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the green is new customers. 65% of our orders are from family and friends. my aunt vicky is at least 20% of that. she's a girl scout, so she totally gets it. she owns her own company now. maybe i can work for your aunt vicky one day. or you can work for me. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ]
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barry, time is running out. according to my calculations, 1 in 5 kids in america struggles with hunger. how can so many children face hunger, when there is more than enough food to feed them all? doo ba baba doo! you're right, barry! baba doo! we can help solve hunger by teaming up with feeding america to get food to hungry kids in communities across the country. announcer: help flint and the feeding america network of food banks get food to the people who need it in your community. find your local feeding america food bank at together, we're feeding america!
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this is your computer. let's go on the internet. let's go. ok. she's going to love me all over again now. jamaica, here you come! here we go. ha ha! good job. all right.
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